Texas santa claus experience



An Experience like no other.

An experience like this is what every parent dreams of for their children. To really get a chance to sit with the ol’ man in red and have a little visit. Just imagine watching your child interacting with Santa Claus as our expert portraitists capture their story as it unfolds.

 The Texas Santa Claus Experience is where Christmas Magic comes ALIVE!

The Texas Santa Claus Experience is where Christmas Magic comes ALIVE!

They’re only this little for a LITTLE while…

Session Options

The Texas Santa Claus Experience is something TRULY unique. Choose your session:


Texas Santa Claus Experience

This Experience includes a 15 minute uninterrupted visit with Santa Claus where together they’ll visit, chit chat, read a story, find your child’s name on the naughty-nice list and enjoy a snack before Santa heads back to the North Pole!

$299 Session includes 15 minute visit with Santa Claus.


Winter wonderland add-on

Enjoy a Winter’y scene with Santa while your child has a playful snowball fight with Santa, builds a snowman and goes for a little sleigh-ride!

Add on the Winter Wonderland Session for only $49.

TSCE (107).jpg

Santa Baby

For babies 0-1 year old, a sweet new baby experience where Santa cuddles, tells stories. plays with some toys, open presents.

$299 Session includes 15 minute visit with using newborn posing with Santa Claus as the ultimate prop!.


From building a snowman,and going for a sleigh ride, to a fun and light-hearted snow-ball fight, the Winter Wonderland add-on allows your child to really warm up and create a fun memory of frolicking in the snow with Santa Claus!

TSCE (74).jpg
TSCE (75).jpg

I just can’t think of a better Holiday Newborn Baby Prop than Santa Claus! For babies up to 1 year old.

TX Santa Claus Experience
TX Santa Claus Experience
TX Santa Claus Experience
TTX Santa Claus Experience

Reserve your visit with Santa Claus…


- the Texas Santa Claus Experience -


“The Santa Experience was more than magical for my children, it was magical for me. I watched my son's (4) eyes twinkle and then widen in amazement. He conversed and bonded with the most precious and special of all childhood magic makers SANTA !! My son listened to every word he said and my heart leaped watching his wonder as he ate a cookie and hugged ever so lovingly that jolly ol’ Santa. My daughter (9) had a different experience, she in the age of questioning magic I was unsure how she would feel. She loved it, she enjoyed the moments talking to Santa and sharing the magic with her little brother. It was a session of magic for them and pure memories for us all.”.


A visit with the real Santa Claus.

This is truly magical experience. Just imagine your child's excitement when they get to spend some time visiting with Santa. Together they'll share cookies, tell stories, play games, read a book, fix toys, and talk about all the things on their wish list!

We create a beautiful CUSTOM StoryBook of their experience together, with their names and little things they said and did so they may read their book year after year, remember the day they got to meet and visit with the Real Santa!

Texas Santa Claus Experience

A memory to last a lifetime

Your children will love this fun and eventful visit with Santa Claus.


An experience every child dreams of...

Just imagine having a chit-chat with Santa about what you want for Christmas, how well you were over the year etc.

Close your eyes and imagine this experience if you were your child's age. Amazing!

This is a time together that they'll never forget.

Texas Santa Claus Experience

What to Wear

It is important that you pre-plan for your child’s portrait session with Santa. Choosing the appropriate attire will assure that your images have a timeless feel to them. Rich reds and greens are gorgeous on our sets and pajama’s are our look of choice.

Stripes, patterns and anything with characters or text are discouraged. We love little girls in off-white night gowns and little boys in robes and slippers are darling



How to Prepare

Do not delay appointments always fill up fast and we WILL sell out!

Make sure to follow through with all correspondence immediately. Correspondence is done via email. This will help to ensure that your child receives his/her personalized letter in the mail from Santa.

Like us on FB and add us to your email contact list so that you can stay up-to-date on all the new and exciting details for the upcoming season, such as your child’s wish list template, set reveals, give-a-ways and more!

Plan to arrive 5 minutes early dressed and ready for your session with the Man in Red and come prepared to view and order any add-on items the same day. The only time you’ll be seeing your images is immediately following your session with the guidance of one of Santa’s helpers. All orders will be ready for pick up (or delivery if you choose our shipping option) prior to Christmas.



Will we see our images the same day as the session?
You will view your images immediately following your session. Your ordering session is adults only. Often a grandparent or loved one will take the children home following the session but we do provide Santa’s helpers with holiday movies, books and puzzles to keep your children busy while you order.

How long is the Santa Claus Experience?
Our sessions are booked back to back all day long and we have allowed one hour for your family. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session dressed and ready for your visit. Your session will be immediately followed by your viewing session where you will place your memorable keepsake order.

What is included in my session?
Your child will receive his or her own private appointment with Santa, giving them a real chance to visit with the man in red. They will be in awe of Santa’s magic and excited to discover what’s in his red bag. Your experience starts with a personalized letter mailed to your child from Santa prior to your visit, a private session with Santa Claus, a nice list certificate, and treats from our dairy-free Hot Chocolate Bar complete with homemade hot chocolate, brownies, cookies, marshmallows, peppermint sticks and more!

How much does everything cost?
Click here to download the Portrait Art Price Guide

A portrait treasure such as this is the perfect Christmas Centerpiece every year. View our portrait art and options here.

How should we prepare?
A few days before, gather everything you plan to bring. If you must cut your child’s hair, do so a week or two before the event. If possible, plan your session during a time that corresponds with your smallest child’s ‘best time.’
When you arrive, take a deep calming breath and trust us. We’ve been doing this a long time and we know what we’re doing. Our goal is to not only give you amazing artwork but a great experience. Just sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Is the session price per family or per child?
The session price is all inclusive for immediate family. If you would like images of extended family, like a cousins picture for Grandma, we will happily book your two families back to back and at the end throw in a group photo at no additional charge. However, each family unit will need their own session.

What is your late policy?
You must be on time for your session or risk forfeiting it. Our sessions are booked back to back all day long and we operate at full capacity.

Texas Santa Claus Experience
Winter Wonderland
 Santa Baby Sessions are perfect for families with newborns.

Santa Baby Sessions are perfect for families with newborns.

Preserve these memories in a StoryBook so they can relive the story every year for the rest of their lives.


Your child is stepping into a story with Santa Claus.

This is something we want to be sure they never forget.