the Texas Santa Claus Experience


A full hour with Santa Claus. This is truly magical experience. Just imagine your child's excitement when they get to spend some time visiting with Santa. Together they'll share milk & cookies, tell stories, play games, read a book, fix toys, and talk about all the things on their wish list!

We create a beautiful CUSTOM StoryBook of their experience together, with their names and little things they said and did so they may read their book year after year, remember the day they got to meet and visit with the Real Santa!

Texas Santa Claus Experience

A memory to last a lifetime

Your children will love this fun and eventful visit with Santa Claus.


an experience every child dreams of...

Just imagine having a chit-chat with Santa about what you want for Christmas, how well you were over the year etc.

Close your eyes and dream of this experience. Amazing!


Time together

After painting some toys with magic, telling stories, decorating the tree and going over the naughty-nice list, it's time to enjoy some milk & cookies before Santa's big trip back to the North Pole!

Why "Texas" Santa Claus Experience?

Choose from our Traditional Santa Portrait Set or our Texas Themed Set where Santa dons a Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Boots and the set has Texas themed props including saddles and more!

Texas Santa Claus Experience

The Texas Santa Claus Experience on Facebook

The Texas Santa Claus Experience on Facebook