They're only this little for a little while...

They're only this little

for a Little while...


This first year of your baby's life is filled with constant change.
Creating portraits during the span of the first year of their lives is an amazing gift to give your child. Help them remember through portraits.


2018 Baby Art Portrait Sessions

Baby Art Portraits

Springtime/Easter Sessions

Springtime or Easter Portraits - Select Dates February-May
Our exclusive Easter Portrait Sessions include two unique sets. The Crack'd Egg and The Mushroom Patch.
Springtime/Easter Sets are available Feb-May.
$250 Session

Texas Santa Claus Experience Sessions

Texas Santa Claus Experience - Select Dates August-November.
An absolutely amazing experience for your child. A visit with Santa where they'll tell stories, enjoy some milk & cookies, play checkers, and open presents together.
This unique session creates a lasting memory for your child. Custom portrait albums re-tell the story of their visit with Santa Claus. 
$350 Session

Christmas in July with Santa Claus - Select Dates in July
Have the kids put on their Bermuda shorts as we enjoy a fun and light mid-summer portrait session "on the beach in the sand" with Santa.
Custom studio set for a completely unique summertime memory.
$250 Session

Bébé Steps & Landmark Sessions

Bébé Steps include four portrait sessions: 3 months/6 months/9 months/1 year. 
$750 for all four Sessions. Minimum purchase requirement $250 per session. Includes a complementary Springtime Easter Session, (a $250 value)

Landmark Sessions are individual sessions, including 1st year birthday sessions. 



Session fee covers a two-hour time block / time, talent, experience of photographer, studio fees and includes:

  • A fully guided studio portrait session 
  • A state-of-the-art ordering session to view and order your favorites

Portrait Art starts at $199 and collections start at $1249. 


We can't wait to see you.