As a specialty studio, our backgrounds and lighting are exactly calculated to render your portraits as beautiful pieces of art. It is important for the success of your portrait that certain styles and colors of clothing be used, while avoiding other styles and colors.

For the Family Portrait

  • No patterns/logos/checkers etc, solid colors are key
  • Avoid trends, a style that will look acceptable 20 years down the line. Avoid wearing trendy clothing so you won't regret it when fashions change.
  • Faces, not clothes, remember its the faces of your children that should draw the attention in the portrait and not their clothing.

What to expect

Before your Portrait Session – We will stay in communication over exactly what you want at your portrait session.

At your Portrait Session – Leave everything to me! A fully guided portrait session where we'll have fun with creative sets and your baby.

After your Portrait Session– About 1-2 weeks after your portrait session, we will arrange your Ordering Appointment where you will view and order your favorite portraits. ALL decision makers must be at this appointment.

At your Ordering Appointment – Together we'll go through all of the portraits in your collection and I will help you narrow down to your favorites. Then, we will go over the beautiful items we offer and you can decide what looks best for your family and home.

After your Ordering Appointment – Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for order fulfillment. All portrait products are guaranteed and are of the best quality from the finest labs in the United States.